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Clicking on the story title in the left column will take you to the site where each story is published.
Veterans of War "A great example of what can be accomplished with economy of language."

The war never ends for some of us.

"This story, simple in it’s telling, complex in it’s message, really hits home."
Under the Fire Tree "Vivid, emotional, powerful, and exceptionally well told."

A story about do-overs.

"A tremendous story."
Our Father "This story pulls you in and doesn’t let go."

"Very powerful."

"Absolutely brilliant! I read it twice so that I could absorb each word and image."

Unclaimed Animals

Originally published in the July 2010 issue of Midnight Screaming Magazine.

Af the Seraph Earns New Wings
"Brought tears to my eyes."

A seraph decides hanging around Heaven isn't all that great of a gig.

"That is the most wonderful story. I love the whole premise of it. It's God and heaven with a contemporary feel."
Red and the Wolf
A delightfully twisted, modern version of the classic Brothers Grimm tale.

Ophidiophobia "I continue to be mesmerized by Deborah’s brilliance in weaving together short fiction."

Go ahead - bite the apple.

"What an intriguing story! It leaves me almost speechless..."
Birds of Prey "The scene is vivid and the bird is glorious. Wonderful writing."

Hell hath no fury like a psycho girlfriend.

" careful of the heart you break. You never know what could come flying your way."
Back At Headquarters "You convey the atmosphere of an everyday workplace crewroom at the end of a busy day in this gloriously extreme example."

"A great followup to 'Punching the Clock'."

"Genius….that is all."
We All Ride This Bus "Your writing is awesome! I love this one."

Everyone rides this bus at least once.  And everyone pays the same fare.

"This isn't like your usual dark stuff, but I love it.  It's genuine."
Shortcuts "Every time I think your writing can't get any darker, it does.  I'm breathless."

Grief is a journey that has no shortcuts.

"I don't know what to say.  This story is incredible."
The Conjure Woman of Bayou Torte
It's never a good idea to piss off the neighborhood witch.

Living Among Us "Thank you for another fun, freaky read!"

Ever wonder what ghosts talk about behind closed doors?

"It is a wonderful example of a tightly written, fun and light-hearted read."
Punching the Clock

"You are one sick chick - I love that about you!"

Even demons and angels have a job to do. 

"That is a nice piece of writing; one knows when it is over too soon."
The Pack
There are zombies and monsters and things that go bump in the night.  Then there's REAL terror.

"I literally laughed out loud!  Thanks for that!"
Faith Stands Guard

A scrappy little terrier stands between her humans and the monster in the mirror.


"Great twists throughout...Very well thought out and written."

"Pulled off with great freshness and skill. Fine work."
The Miracle of St. John

"Absolutely fantastic! Really expertly written."

Voted one of the Top Stories of All Time at Every Day Fiction

"Wonderful story! You gave us much to read between the lines. A great job of 'showing' not telling."
Fancy "How in the world do you have me crying in just a few short paragraphs?"

"You are an incredibly gifted writer."

"Now I am crying in my coffee. I want to hug my laptop."


"Love this story! It drew me in."

It's never to late for love.

"Great story. Poignant. Thank you for a great example of a short story."

"I found this story unfolding a lot like peeling an onion, with each layer richer and more tasty than the previous."

"Madness is a soft target for short story writers, but very few cover the subject as well as this."

"Very well written, good pacing, great mood."
The Cowboy Rides Away "Oh, you have me in tears…"

"This is so beautifully rendered.  I was right there, saddened, yes, but also moved by the love and understanding you conveyed."

"It gave me a clutch in my heart. Vivid. As always."
Falling in the Shower "You write from your soul….it resonates."

"One of your best!"

"The imagery is exceptional. Very well done."

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