If you're looking for magic, you're in the right place.

Deborah Winter-Blood writes about all sorts of odd, magical creatures:  Witches, demons, angels, ghosts, and the strangest of the strange, humans. 

Her debut young adult novel, The Glendale Witch, launched to great applause on Halloween 2011.  Be sure to check out the trailer and links to various reviews and interviews with Debi.

Coming soon, her deliciously twisted novella about naughty angels and lovable demons, Heaven's Shine, will be posted on Smashwords as a free download for fans of Debi's work.

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A book about a witch, written by a witch.

Celeste McAllister assumed she was a typical Southern California girl until the night her
pet iguana starting talking, telling her that she's really Celestial Star Needfyre, the last
in an ancient line of witches known as The Guardians.  And now it's up to Celeste
to save the rest of The Guardians from a dark entity who's taken them prisoner.

With the help of a jaded fortuneteller, a lovesick Satyr, and the garage band from
downstairs, Celeste will journey through fantastic magical realms into the heart of darkness
to fulfill her quest.  But in a final confrontation with the monster who's holding The
Guardians captive, Celeste faces an unexpected dilemma:  Free The Guardians and save
our planet from environmental havoc?  Or give into the pity she feels for the demon she's
been sent to destroy and who, like herself, is only searching for love and acceptance
in a world that has no place for him?

Join Celeste on her magical journey as she wields her wand and breaks hearts along
the way.

The Glendale Witch is available in all ereader formats at Smashwords
and in print by clicking the book cover image below.

        The Glendale Witch small, small book cover
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